Monday, February 9, 2009

the dream

I slide into my seat
at the back of the room
hoping no one sensed my presence
hoping no one can tell i'm in the school
no such luck
as the teacher calls on me
i quickly answer the question,
then go back to my day dream
the dream where i'm with my friends
the dream where i get to be me
the dream where i get to laugh and play
the dream where people finally can see
that i'm not just a quiet girl
that sits in the back of rooms
that i'm not just the quiet girl
who is always left out, the one outside of you
the one always forgotten, the one you can be oblivious to.
because in the dream,
people see me for me
and i can act like me
and not get criticized
for acting like i believe-
for being the one He wants me to be...
the one that is me.

because when i'm outside the dream,
it all seems so hard.
it seems like i speak and i'm not heard
like i speak
but might as well have not spoken at all.
but then i return to the dream,
for the second time of the week
and i'm swept away again
in all that i believe.