Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you imagine?

I am Eve
what does that make you?
cause the rest of the people
in that story
as it is told right-
are male.
what about the sisters in the equation?
what about the sister
that had to marry
that had to marry Seth?
can you imagine?
marrying your own flesh and blood...
it just seems strange...
like something that would happen in alabama,
at midnight
in a trailer park
accompanied by banjo music...
get my drift?
Makes me wonder
if there was such a thing
as true love
back in the days of Eden
back when God
breathed life
into you Dad,
or Grandad...
man, imagine
being able to say-
"God breathed into my dad..."
how cool
would THAT be?
But i'm rambling.
I guess if God made
Adam right for Eve
then he must have made it
not too awkward
for the siblings.
But then again...
can you imagine marrying
the kid
that you've known
since mud pies and snot rockets...
i can't imagine.
but they could.
and they did.
so here we are.
you and me.
because sometime a while back,
a girl
married a brother
had a child
who had a child...
who had a child...
who had a child...
you get the idea.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

he looks over here

He looks over here
and we both look away
its been six months now,
but here things still stay

i'm over right here
and he's over right there
we know we need to meet
yet we have no clue where

we both back away
when a chance comes our way
scared of changing
our pattern of day to day

we're both scared of the new
comfortable with the old
scared to take the plunge
and do something bold

held back by ourself
pushed forward by the rest
confused about the future
and what to do next

Oh No!!!

okay- one of the main reasons that i haven't updated in a while: MY JOURNAL IS GONE! LIKE- "POOF!", NO MORE JOURNAL!!!!!!!!
obviously, i'm a bit upset about this. that journal not only had all my writing that i was working on, it also had some information not meant for some people to know and i am SCREWED if one of those people has found it...
sorry, i'm ranting, aren't i?
anyway, i'm sorry that i haven't updated.i'll try to get on here more often.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy cow!

man, i haven't updated in so long!!!i'm sorry people!