Monday, July 27, 2009

Lines and Lies

Where is the border
between my reflection and me-
which one is real,
and which one is fantazy?
Where is the glass
between her world and mine-
the glass we're all searching for
that thin invisible line.
Where is the border
between my truth and my lies
there is no distinguishing them
despite my many tries

where is that line
between my reflection and me-
between truth and lie-
between the reality and fantasy?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

facing fates

i'm tired of waiting
for you to appeaar
to step into the limelight,
face all your fears.
you always skirt the edge
then slip into the shade
what are you waiting for?!
for all this to fade?!
well, i'm sorry if this
wasn't in your plans.
but you waited too long
and now your fate's in my hands.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

set your translators to italian...

Ehi ragazzi-e Jessie, questa cosa è cool! la settimana scorsa, ho trascorso in un campo estivo chiamato incredibile impatto.
è stato il migliore campeggio ho mai stato a.
abbiamo adorato insieme Aaron Keyes (e banda), insieme con David Platt. questi uomini sono al tempo stesso sorprendente persone con vero cuore di Dio ".
Ho fatto davvero un sacco di buoni amici che so io a mantenere per il resto della mia vita.
abbiamo circa un milione di dentro scherzi adesso, ed io sono veramente sperando che tutto il nostro gruppo giovanile può andare il prossimo anno!

Monday, June 1, 2009

toy on my shelves

i tried to write it a million times-
that simple letter with short little lines.
but every time and every day,
i couldn't say what i wanted to say.
Now the words have come by themselves,
but you stay where you are-
like a toy on my shelves.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


i have a little secret
hidden behind my back
but no matter how you twist and turn
it'll stay there-that's a fact

i'm sorry if it hurts you
sorry if it cuts deep
but this is one little secret
i can't afford not to keep

i want to tell you-
really, i truly do
but this is a little secret
you'll be glad i kept from you

Friday, May 15, 2009

Creation Story

So we have this assignment in our language arts teacher (yes, we still have assignments) and i'm so excited.
our assignment is to create our own creation story.
so i'm paired up with this guy named Tanner.
and i'm wondering-
do y'all want to hear my creation story?
it's not Adam and Eve. And no, it's not Adam and Steve, either.
but it IS totally random and awesome and freakin cool.
so hit the comment button down there and tell me whether or not you want to hear it.
go on...
click it.
you know you want to.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

my last post...

that last post, lookin over it
makes me wonder what kind of mood i was in when i wrote it...oh! and happy (early) mother's day!
i'm freaking out!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you imagine?

I am Eve
what does that make you?
cause the rest of the people
in that story
as it is told right-
are male.
what about the sisters in the equation?
what about the sister
that had to marry
that had to marry Seth?
can you imagine?
marrying your own flesh and blood...
it just seems strange...
like something that would happen in alabama,
at midnight
in a trailer park
accompanied by banjo music...
get my drift?
Makes me wonder
if there was such a thing
as true love
back in the days of Eden
back when God
breathed life
into you Dad,
or Grandad...
man, imagine
being able to say-
"God breathed into my dad..."
how cool
would THAT be?
But i'm rambling.
I guess if God made
Adam right for Eve
then he must have made it
not too awkward
for the siblings.
But then again...
can you imagine marrying
the kid
that you've known
since mud pies and snot rockets...
i can't imagine.
but they could.
and they did.
so here we are.
you and me.
because sometime a while back,
a girl
married a brother
had a child
who had a child...
who had a child...
who had a child...
you get the idea.